drag Like a film noir shot in the sensual world of Paris-after-dark, artist/songwriter PHIL STEELE has conjured up a musical palette that brings the intense passion of Bertolucci's classic film to the pop scene.

His new album is the culmination of ten years of soul-searching through the playgrounds of Europe… a musical odyssey of an American expatriate living passionately, on-the-edge… hanging out in intimate Paris clubs like man ray, Casbah and the Bains Douches... jamming in rive gauche jazz cellars... partying from London raves to the balearic-beat island of Ibiza where his mega-hit City Lights first took off… his is a world without borders where the lingua franca is music.

Recorded in London, Paris and LA, this French-touch LP is a smooth euroblend of pop, lounge, chill-out, jazz, house and R&B—an exciting and unique fusion from a truly international artist who mixes musical genres as naturally as he bridges cultures and capitals.

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A native New Yorker, Steele has made frequent TV and concert appearances throughout Europe while producing other top local artists and writing songs for films and TV on both sides of the Atlantic.
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His biggest hit, City Lights [Mercury], now a dance classic, took off in Ibiza in '87 and has since sold over 7 million. In '92 it was covered by Big Audio Dynamite [The Globe, Sony] and recent comps have been certified Gold in the UK [A Decade of Ibiza, BMG/Telstar], double-Platinum in Italy [One Shot '80, Universal] and triple-Platinum in Germany [Kuschel Rock, Sony].
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In 2001, a thumping techno re-mix of City Lights was released in Germany on Zomba featuring top DJ Mario de Bellis. It was released on no fewer than 26 compilations including Viva Club Rotation [EastWest], Time X [BMG], Members Only [BMG] and Dream Dance [Sony].
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Steele has just recorded a new pop version mixed in Sony's new SACD format to be released soon.

Now, indulge in the sensual world of last tango...